Be ready when Holographic Computing arrives en masse

Mixed and Augmented Reality will have a long and lasting effect on our world. Get your footing in the market early by letting us bring your ideas to life.


Our Purpose:

Providing the best Holographic software design and development solutions for the New Realities of technology, using hardware like the Microsoft HoloLens. We believe that with the right planning Mixed Reality can mingle with the current generation of mobile devices to allow a smooth transition into our Holographic future.

One element of Mixed Reality that makes it so powerful is its ability to allow everyone to interact socially with one another, in new, and unique ways. As the technology hits wide public release, having ways for the current mobile user base to interact, in a visible way, will spark the interest and help spread adoption.

With a focus on multi-platform application development, we allow an unheard of level of interactivity between old and new technology while offering a more fluid change between them.

Open Doorways

Mixed Reality Cross-Platform Tabletop Gaming Visualization

Bring social gaming and interactive storytelling back to your kitchen table. Open Doorways is a Mixed Reality visualization system that allows players to throw dice with friends from all over the world like they are sitting in the same room with you.

Play your favorite games free of genre and rule-set restrictions. You group can play whatever rule set they want. The Open Doorways system does not enforce those rules, the players do, exactly as though they were playing with pen and paper.

With social rooms, players can make new friends or find other like minded players and form groups of their own.

Through the Game Bits store, game masters can access props to create their own new adventures or buy premium adventures for different rule sets. Players can access basic miniatures or buy fully customizable, premium animated characters that fit their play-style.

CrossTrain - MR

This new world offer untold riches in the fields of Education and Training.

Educators are often working off tight budgets and often the school systems can not provide the technology needed to properly educate their students in this High Tech world. CrossTrain-MR's adaptive cross-platform system will allow to use anything from the most basic PCs and tables to the nicest AR head mounted computers, in the same learning space.

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